i-MASK (UK) - i-MASK is the ultimate eye protection for Squash and other racquet sports
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Great discounts for existing customers

If you have purchased a full i-MASK set between two months and two years ago you are now eligible for a 10% discount on all future purchases up until the end of your two-year warranty period. If you have purchased two or more complete i-MASK sets under the same conditions then we will increase the discount to 15%. Simply specify your previous order numbers during checkout and we will apply the discount before charging your card.

You can purchase for yourself, family members, friends or to re-sell. The only stipulation is that it is your name on both the invoice address and the delivery address and your credit card details match the invoice address.

This offer is subject to the conditions below and can be withdrawn or modified at any time.

Conditions for offer

  • Qualifying orders are those that include one or more complete i-MASK sets and have an invoice date of between two months and two years ago
  • Qualifying orders will entitle the customer to a 10% discount on orders, or 15% if they include two or more complete i-MASK sets
  • The discount does not apply to P&P charges
  • You must specify the the last four digits of the qualifying order number(s) in the 'How did you hear about us?' field during checkout
  • Your name must match that on the qualifying order(s), both the invoice address and the delivery address must contain your name and the card details be for the invoice address
  • Orders under this offer cannot contain items already discounted or under any other offer (the buy two and get free balls or grips offer or the discounted Sweaties when purchased with a full set as examples)
  • New orders do extend the offer period as long as they contain complete sets.
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